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Blake Lively Vogue US

Landing her third Vogue US cover for the magazine’s August issue, actress Blake Lively looks southwestern chic on the fashion new edition. Mario Testino captured Blake in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for the shoot with styling by fashion editor Tonne Goodman.

Blake, who has appeared in campaigns for Gucci, Chanel and L’Oreal Paris, among others, is set to launch a new website soon called Preserved which is a lifestyle venture. Take a look at the cover and the beautiful images from the editorial.

Blake Lively protagoniza su tercera portada para Vogue US en la edición de Agosto de la revista. La actriz fotografiada por Mario Testino, aparece en Jackson Hole, Wyoming, con looks de inspiración western chic gracias a la estilista Tonne Goodman.

Blake, que ha aparecido en campañas para Gucci, Chanel y L’Oreal Paris, entre otros, lanzará próximamente una página web de estilo de vida titulada Preserve. No te pierdas la portada y las bellas imágenes del editorial.

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