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Diane Kruger in Roksanda: "The Bridge" Panel 2014 Summer TCA TourFashion and the City -->

Diane Kruger attended a panel during the FX Network’s portion of the 2014 Summer Television Critics Association on Monday at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in California wearing a colour-blocking Roksanda Resort 2015 dress with asymmetrical draping styled with Dior sandals.

Diane Kruger se encuentra en plena promoción de su serie “The Bridge”, ayer asistió al tour de verano de la Asociación de Críticos de la Televisión en el Hotel The Beverly Hilton en California ataviada con un colorido vestido con drapeado asimétrico de la colección Crucero 2015 de Roksanda con sandalias de Dior.

Diane Roksanda

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jun 08, 2016

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jun 07, 2016

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ago 11, 2015

I love diane krugers style, it is alawys so sophisticated and classic. Wish I could own her wardrobe! and those shoes are AMAZING!