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Kate Bosworth in Red Valentino: Kate Bosworth & Samantha Russ' Style Thief Fashion App LaunchFashion and the City -->

Kate Bosworth attended an event in Chateau Marmont on Wednesday to present her new fashion application: Kate Bosworth & Samantha Russ’s Style Thief Fashion App.

The actress selected a printed Red Valentino dress with a bow tie accent on the waist styled with burgundy Bionda Castana heels.

El pasado miércoles, Kate Bosworth presentaba su nueva aplicación de moda “Kate Bosworth & Samantha Russ’s Style Thief Fashion App.” en el Chateau Marmont de Los Ángeles.

La actriz se decantó por un vestido estampado con detalle de lazada de Red Valentino con tacones en color burgundy de Bionda Castana.

Kate Red Valentino

Kate Red Valentino 2


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