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Matthew Williamson Fall 2013

A far more relaxed sillouethe, new concepts of tailoring, a fresh color palette and delightful prints, this is what Matthew Williamson envisioned to offer his lady for Fall 2013. Making use of bold graphic inserts to accompany the laid-back garments, Williamson persevered however in inserting all of his signature strengths into the innovative collection.

Una silueta más relajada, nuevos conceptos de sastrería, una nueva paleta de colores y estampados, es lo que Matthew Williamson le ofrece a la mujer en su colección de Otoño 2013. Williamson ha utilizado gráficos atrevidos en sus vestidos, sin perder su estilo y firma en la nueva colección.


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mar 22, 2017

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feb 18, 2017

A few years ago I attended a mini-comics jam at an Indian restaurant around the corner from Comic Relief. Not being an artist and not knowing anybody — I talked to Rory a buncha times! — I felt weird and out of place. It’s probably the weirdest out-of-place-est I’d felt in years. I contributed a sketch of Godzilla stomping somebody to one of the jam stories. Yes, it was awful. Yet I was grateful to Rory for hosting that get-together as I admired many of the artists around the tables and thought to myself as I scurried out into the night, I hope Rory does this again!
nov 03, 2016

Flag at the Memorial which was hung from their Ladder Truck.   Photos from the run are on the blog here. Share:FacebookEmailNo related posts. This entry was posted in Daily Photo, Public Safety,

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oct 22, 2016

grazie dei complimenti che ovviamente vanno a Montersino geniale! noi siamo molto felici di poter pastorizzare le uova perchè odiamo le uova crude e altrimenti non avremmo mai fatto il tiramisù
jul 20, 2016

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jul 08, 2016

You.Are.Awesome. So inspiring! It still amazes me all of the people that your sister has brought into your life since she passed, I never knew her, but I am one of them and I am sooo so grateful for that!!
jul 08, 2016

this. A friend of mine was on a first date with a guy she knew for 5+ years. They were robbed (no weapon display) by two men. Her date (tall muscular guy) ran away and left her. She gave up her purse then tried chasing the two guys that robbed her for a couple blocks before giving up. Completely unacceptable.I do agree, the end all question is does this particular woman/girl merit me laying down my life for her.

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jun 05, 2016

My hometown is Bourbonnais, IL. It’s special for lots of reasons, but most importantly it’s where my parents invested many years of raising me and my brothers–instilling in us the values we carry with us today.

abr 28, 2016

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