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Street Style of the week: LFW Fall 2014 - Fashion and the CityFashion and the City -->
Street Style

Check out these amazing Street Style looks seen during London Fashion Week.

No te pierdas estos increíbles looks vistos durante la Semana de la Moda de Londres.

Images courtesy of: Vogue, Vogue Spain, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour,, ELLE.

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feb 24, 2017

When you originally posted this, I'd not decided to go to school yet. hadn't seen it so I didn't comment. I'm watching it for the first time (DVD through netflix, on the 2nd episode of the first season) facinating …. very facinating

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feb 12, 2017

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feb 07, 2017

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ene 17, 2017

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nov 05, 2016

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nov 02, 2016

I love it! so pretty! i've been trying to figure out how to style mine so I can wear them as front bangs as well.. without cutting them too short. I can't get it to work >:[
jun 05, 2016

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abr 28, 2016

Thank God! Somnoee with brains speaks!

abr 28, 2016

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abr 28, 2016

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